Grow Deep Classes Start September 12th at 9:30am

Grow Deep Class #1, taught by Mark Johnson: 12 week study of the book of Ezekiel meeting in S1. The prophet Ezekiel was called to remind God’s people about His holy. And glorious nature, and that message remains as relevant today as when it was first delivered. This study examines Ezekiel’s mission to describe the indescribable, a God beyond imagining, a King worthy of our reverence.

Grow Deep Class #2, taught by Ted Marvin: 7 Things that Christians need to know about the Bible, an 8 week class meeting in S2. This class is a short introduction to the Bible, for any serious Bible reader who desires an informed and mature view of the Bible that will enrich their faith. We will cover seven important "things" about this unique book:

-how the Bible was put together;
-what "inspiration" means;
-how the Bible is true;
-why the Bible needs to be rooted in history;
-why literal interpretation is not always the best interpretation;
-how the Bible gives us knowledge, faith, love, and hope; and
-how Jesus Christ is the center of the Bible.

Grow Deep Class #3, taught by Aaron Wheeler and Ryan Guertin: Building a Biblical Financial Legacy. Join us for an 8 week study on some of the most misunderstood and overlooked biblical teachings on money and finances and how we can become better stewards of the money God gives us!